Presentations on Id Fed, user centric and mobile centric identity

I gave two presentation recently that I’ll share in this post. They were for quite different audiences, and in different countries, but both in the area of identity federation, user centric identity and mobile centric identity.

The first presentation was at the Dutch Identity 2009 event, which was co-located with ISSE 2009 this year. This took place in Schevingen (The Hague), on 6-7 October 2009.  I presented my views on trend in identity federation, and user centric identity. Among others, I argued that SAML is just as user centric than OpenID, or at least, can and should be…

Highlights on Identity/ISSE 2009 for me were the presentations by Don Schmidt (Microsoft), who talked about claim-based identity, and a presentation on the Norwegian BankID, which discussed the status of the Norwegian collaboration between banks to provide identity services to public and private sector.

The second presentation was at the National eID & ePassport conference, which is taking place as I type this (22-23 October 2009), in Lisbon. It was organized by among others Multicert, who invited me to talk about and discuss mobile centric identity. It was an audience not very familiar with user centric identity, so I first introduced this. I then argued that this implies mobile centric identity, and that using the mobile phone is only the first step towards mobile centric identity.

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