Deadline Digital Identity Award approaching: 26 November! (@Identity.Next)

On 8th December the Identity.Next event will take place in The Hague. I’m biased because I’m in the Program Committee, but it promises to be a very interesting event. The morning has a more ‘tradional’ setup with keynotes and parallel tracks, and the afternoon is a unconference session with Kaliya Hamlin (identitywoman). A recent addition to the program is Andrew Nash from Paypal!

At Identity.Next we’ll also award a innovative project/concept/service in the area of digital identity with the Digital Identity Innovation award, supported by Novay. A snippet from our website:

On December 8, the Novay Identity Award will be granted to the best new concept or product concerning digital identity. The award is part of the conference Identity.Next’10 at the Fokker Terminal in The Hague. With the award, Identity.Next and ICT research institute Novay want to recognize and support new developments that are shaping the future of digital identity. Submissions are welcome until November 26.

Submissions are possible for only 8 more days!!!

For more information on the award, see the Identity.Next website or the Novay website.

One Response to Deadline Digital Identity Award approaching: 26 November! (@Identity.Next)

  1. Good work, that’s good for the impact of digital indentity.

    Sander Wegdam

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