Most popular ‘social logins’

Janrain produced some nice statistics on usage of OpenID and similar technologies to use credentials from, again typically, social networks to log in on other sites. They use ‘social login’ as a term, which sounds probably better than OpenID or identity federation ūüôā There is a statistic specifically for Europe, based on logs from 20 of their European customers. By the way, they don’t have US statistics on their blog post, maybe they just assume the international statistics are the same as US ones, or maybe they simply don’t have that many non-US customers.

Below the part of the blog post on Europe. Among others, it claims that Hyves is growing as an identity provider.

Similar to last quarter, we want to note that Windows Live remains twice as popular a social login provider in Europe as in the US, and its share has increased from 8% to 11% despite the emergence of more localized social networks and email providers.  These providers, such as Hyves (Netherlands), Netlog (Belgium), and GMX (Germany) comprise over 10% of social logins from our sample of 20 European customers.  Their growth in social login popularity across the Atlantic comes at the expense of Google, Twitter and Yahoo!

European Social Sign-On Preferences

Most popular overall is Google (38%). Top five combined has 92%, but I expect for specific domains (e.g., business-2-business where LinkedIn would be popular) or region (e.g., Netherlands with Hyves) this top five would have other names in it.

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