No more Cardspace …

Microsoft announced yesterday that Cardspace 2.0 will not be shipping. Or to put this  more directly: that they’ve stopped with Cardspace. This is not a big surprise, uptake was very slow and Microsoft already showed signs of less-than-fully supporting Cardspace/InfoCards for a while now.

Cardspace was IMHO a promising approach to some of the privacy, security and usability concerns for federated identity systems, but it lacked adoption. Part of the reason as Mike Jones puts it is it is not drop-dead simple to use. Lack of user acceptance is  also confirmed by the user study we did for SURFnet in 2009, where users basically distrusted Cardspace. Other reasons I think are lack of an easy migration path from existing standards, and slower-than-hoped  update of identity federation in the consumer space in general.

Anyway, Microsoft stopping Cardspace will probably mean the end of the used InfoCard standard as well. This makes things clearer in the standards department, which a consolidation on basically OpenID (/OAuth) and SAML. And especially Facebook with a non-standard protocol to do similar things.  Not that standards are the most important, I agree with Eve Maler (now Forrester) when she states:

when it comes to lightweight consumer-scale federated identity, the specific protocol matters less for success than the user base, the nature of the data available about those users, and the tooling available for relying-party integration.

Even though the protocol may not  be the biggest issue for a federated consumer identity solution, it is still not a trivial one. Especially the issue to have a web-based client (i.e. OpenID or SAML WebSSO) or an active client (Cardspace/InfoCard) is one that remains interesting because of the consequences for usability and security.

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