Nominees Novay Digital Identity Award announced

The submission were quite diverse, and from more different countries than last year. Since it was difficult to narrow it down to intended maximum of three nominees, the jury decided to select four 🙂 My congratulations to edentiti, Qiy, WAYF and tiQR!! The jury is not done though, the winner still has to be selected among the nominees.

Below the ‘official’ press release, copied from the Novay website

On November 9, one of  four nominees will be granted the Novay Digital Identity Award at the IDentity.Next’11. The nominees for the best new concept or product in the field of digital identity are: the Australian edentiti, the Danish WAYF and the Dutch Qiy and tiQR.

Edentiti ( is an Australian identity proofing system that provides online identity verification by checking information from various online data sources, and does so under control of the user. Qiy ( is a Dutch personal data store initiative that provides a secure environment in which a user controls which companies can access his or her information. WAYF (, a Danish identity federation, connects over 90 service providers with over 130 identity providers in education. WAYF pioneered and contributed to open source with, amongst others, a user consent module, real-time calculation of economic benefits of the federation and a federation administration interface. tiQR ( is an
open-source and standards-based authentication solution from SURFnet. It uses a mobile phone to scan a QR code that is presented by a webpage, thereby implementing two-factor authentication that is very user friendly.

Most people have one or more digital identities. As we use more online services, this number increases and the question of who knows what about whom becomes increasingly complex. And then there’s the digital keychain, which yields more annoyance than convenience.  With this award – IDentity.Next and ICT research institute Novay recognize and support new developments will shape the future of digital identities. The jury is chaired by Herman van der Lugt, Director of Novay. The jury also includes
Ziggur, last year’s winner. Ziggur provides a service that gives users control over what happens to their online identity after their death.

The award is part of the IDentity.Next conference in The Hague, organized by the Identity.Next foundation that focuses on
developments in digital identity. Co-organizer is EEMA, Europe’s leading independent, non-profit e-Identity & Security Association. The conference brings together experts, professionals and industrial parties to discuss the latest developments in the field of digital identity. More information about the award and the program is available at .


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