7′ speech: students in control over their own data


SURFnet, the Dutch National Research and Education Networking organisation, had their two-year networking event for their customers and partners (3-4 October 2012). A new item were 7′ TEDx-like speeches, one of which was give by me. I talked about putting the student central is discussions about privacy in higher education, e.g., when introducing promising innovations like learning analytics. Although preparing for 7′ takes way more time per minute than preparing for 45′ or 90′ presentations (the length of the presentation the day and week before), it was fun doing it. I basically argued that the user acceptance of privacy-sensitive innovations in higher education is more important than if lawyers think that these innovations are allowed. This means that you should 1) explain the benefits of the innovation for the student and why the data is needed, 2) that you should be transparent on what data is collected exacly and 3) that whenever possible the student should be able to control the collection/sharing/rentention of this data.

For more information (all in Dutch ..): here is a blog post from SURFnet on my presentation. Here are the slides, but since they have a lot of pictures and little text, you are probably better of watching the video. It is only 7′ 🙂 My presentation starts at 1:11′. You can also watch the other presentations, including cool visualisations of open data by the VPRO (first talk) and interesting thoughs on Next-generation trust infrastructures by Roland van Rijswijk (SURFnet, second talk).

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