Nominees Novay Digital Identity Award 2012: Evolok, eRecognition and IDchecker

For the third year in a row I’m responsible for the Novay Digital Identity Award, which Novay in collaboration with IDentity.Next will give to an innovation in the area of digital identity. The first winner (2010) was Ziggur (digital dealth service), last year’s winner was Edentiti (online identity verification).

We have an independent jury (which I’m not in), which picked three nominees for this year:

  • Evolok – which combines identity & access mngt with a paywall system for online content. Easy-of-use for consumers, flexibility w.r.t. business model for online content providers.
  • eRecognition – an identity trust framework from the Netherlands, for business-2-government (and also aiming for business-2-business). Ahead of similar initiatives in US (NSTIC) and UK, and usage is increasing.
  • IDchecker – a company that is very big in a niche market: a SaaS service for verifying physical ID documents based on a optical scan, or, IMHO much ‘cooler’, using a mobile app.

I copied the official announcement/press release below  (in Dutch is here). The winner will be announced on 20 November, during IDentity.Next in The Hague.

Nominees Novay Digital Identity Award 2012

Evolok, eRecognition and IDchecker have been nominated for the Novay Digital Identity Award. The winner – with the best new innovation in the field of digital identity – will be announced at the IDentity.Next’12 event in The Hague on November 20.

Evolok ( is a product from the UK that integrates an identity & access management system with paywall systems for online publishers. It enables content creators to more flexibly combine ad-based revenues, subscriptions and pay-as-you-go business models. eRecognition ( is a Dutch e-identity trust framework that enables companies to re-use digital identities to authenticate themselves towards government organizations. eRecognition is a public-private cooperation, with 70.000 users and over 50 government organizations. IDchecker ( provides a Software-as-a-Service solution to verify physical IDs such as driver licenses and passports. It supports 3500 different document types, from 219 countries. With this service IDchecker links physical to digital identities, thus decreasing the risk of identity theft.

Good digital identity solutions are essential enablers of digital trust. We need solutions that are easy-to-use, privacy friendly, cost efficient and secure.  This requires technological and business innovations in the world of the Digital Identity. With this award – IDentity.Next ( and ICT research institute Novay ( recognize and support new innovations that will shape the future of digital identities. The submissions are judged by a jury consisting of Kevin Cox (founder Edentiti, winner 2011), John Hermans (partner with KPMG), Leendert Bottelberghs (Head of Business Development – Marktplaats, eBay Classifieds Group) and Hermen van der Lugt (chair of the jury and CEO of Novay).

The award is part of the annual IDentity.Next conference. This year the event will take place on 20-21 November in The Hague, organized by the IDnext foundation which focuses on developments in digital identity. The conference brings together experts, professionals and industrial parties to discuss the latest developments in the field of digital identity. More information about the award and the program is available at


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