BNR radio on facial recognition by Dutch police



Already some time ago, but at request below the link to the broadcast of the BNR Dutch radio station on announcement of the Dutch police that they are going to use facial recognition to identify suspects. I’m a guest in the second halve of the broadcast (“Ask me anything” with Jörgen Raymann presenting, on 16 December 2016). Of course, in Dutch. We discussed issues like effectiveness and privacy.

Guest at BNR Digital radio on biometrics


biometrie-BNR-MaartenOn August 17th I was a guest at the Dutch BNR news radio station, as part of the weekly BNR Digital broadcast. I was there as expert on biometric authentication. I responded to the questions on the opportunities for biometric authentication in mostly positive manner. I argued that biometric authentication can be a user-friendly second authentication factor. But I also voiced some concerns: not all implementations as done well, liveness detection (presentation attack detection) is and will remain a (if not the) challenge and privacy can be a serious issue.

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